Patient Reviews of Our Service.

The Southwest Spine Center is absolutely the best place to go for overall physical health.  Two years ago I injured my back and had an inflamed disk.  I could barely walk.  I went to the Southwest Spine Center and it changed my life.  Over the last two years I’ve worked at physical therapy which I learned through the Southwest Spine Center.  I’ve also received decompression treatments, electro-muscular stimulation, spine adjustments and deep tissue massage therapy all through the Southwest Spine Center,  I can happily say that today I feel great thanks to their professional treatment.  Not only is my back feeling good but my entire body feels great.  They will treat every muscle as it relates to your spine.  Back, shoulders, neck,  quads, abductors, hips, hamstrings, calves, arms, and feet.  Everything is treated. I still go once a month for maintenance.   I’m a Tennis teaching professional and I can be on the court all day thanks to the Southwest Spine Center.  The staff is extremely friendly.  The Chiropractic care is excellent.   I truly feel at home when I’m there.  They truly listen to every need you have and care about every patient.  A health plan for recovery and regular maintenance will also be provided to each patient.  The price is also excellent.   I strongly recommend the Southwest Spine Center for everyone.  It has made me feel great so please let it make you feel great!


Each visit with Southwest Spine always puts me back into a “positive” in mind and body! The receptionists, massage therapy team, and chiropractors are ALL phenomenal in their delivery of services to a patient. In our busy times that is not always fulfilled! I have referred several folks to this outstanding practice.


I have always received profession and courteous service at SW Spine.


I’ve been going to Southwest Spine Center for years now, and refuse to go anywhere else.  Here’s how I ended up at Southwest Spine Center:

I was in a car wreck years ago and went to another chiropractor in Lewisville, and they did an acceptable job.  However, they messed up the paperwork and put my insurance coverage in jeopardy!  I swore off chiropractors because of this (I know, not a great idea).  A year or so later, this decision caught up with me, and I was in PAIN!  I did a quick google search and called Southwest Spine Center right before they closed.  The doctor actually answered the phone, and told me to come on by and knock on the door if it was locked.  She checked my back, found the problem, and 10 minutes later I was able to go back to work!

I continued coming in once every week, then once every two weeks for the next few years until I had to move to Oklahoma for work.  When I came back to Dallas, I immediately called Southwest Spine Center and set up a new appointment.  After about 9 months, I decided to mix it up and try a new person for the Massage Therapy/Myotherapy portion of my care.

This is where Lydia comes in.  She’s an absolute all-star!  She’s good at what she does, has an excellent personality, and really makes a noticeable difference when she works on my back (or legs/arms/neck).  She’s strong when she needs to be, and knows when to back off on the pressure.  She’ll tell you when you need to suck it up and push through something because it has to be done, and she’ll listen if you tell her it’s too much.  Exactly what is needed from a massage therapist.  I want to be clear, her massages are not “fun”.  She’s there to do work to get your muscles to do their job properly, and it’s not comfortable.

If you’re willing to deal with some pressure for an hour in exchange for feeling great the rest of the week, she’s number one!  Another thing I love about Lydia – half the time, she sees me walk in and knows what’s bothering me just from my posture!  She’s on her game!

I recommend Southwest Spine Center to anyone.  If you go here, Lydia is THE NUMBER ONE way to get your muscles to act right while the chiropractors get your bones to behave.