ABOUT Southwest Spine Center

We are a wellness center that places an emphasis on chiropractic care.

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Southwest Spine Center

Southwest Spine Center is a wellness center that places an emphasis on chiropractic care, in conjunction with physio-rehabilitation, decompression, medical massages, supplements,  durable medical equipment and much more.
Our team consists of chiropractors and a medical massage therapist with a variety of techniques. They are deeply committed to ensuring the good health and well being of our patients.
Among trying to share importance of spinal health care we also provide funding for our patients who have been in auto accidents. Which means no copay, cash price, or other charges while being seen with us. Funding requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. We work with some of the best facilities and have an extensive list of surgery partners in the area.

  • Wellness & chiropractic center

  • Over 15 specialized services!

  • Deeply committed to ensuring excellent health and well being

  • Provide funding for patients who have been in auto accidents.


DR GEORGE GARCIADoctor of Chiropractic

Dr. George Garcia brings over a decade of experience delivering effective healthcare to thousands of thankful patients. Dr. G is a nationally Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic combined with Board certifications in Athletic Training and Physiotherapy

Dr. G began his career working with a number of professional sports team, including the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves as well as the US Olympic Team where it was critical to enable top athletes to speedily recover from various injuries as well as developing wellness programs designed to maintain peak fitness levels. That experience has shaped Dr. G’s healthcare philosophy based on a healthy lifestyle and days that are pain free.

Southwest Spine Center also offers a number of advanced health screening tests including hereditary cancer and carrier screening as well as pharmacogenetic testing. These tests are conducted in our Dallas affiliated laboratory. Take away the fear of the unknown with the most advanced, state of the art health screenings available today at SW Spine Center.


Dr. Clark is a licensed psychologist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of persons with neurological injury or illness including chronic pain. He completed specialty training as a neuropsychologist at the American Lake VA Medical Center, and at Madigan Army Regional Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. He has been providing neuropsychological evaluations in the state of Texas since 1990, first at a large rehabilitation hospital, and then as the director of interdisciplinary programs for a large regional medical center.   Throughout this time, in his private practice he provided neuropsychological evaluations and treatment planning for injured workers who have suffered concussions and brain injuries. He is a clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M Health Sciences Center College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine.

Neuropsychological evaluation provides a detailed evaluation of concentration, memory, visual skills, problem solving and reasoning, and emotional status. This is done through questions and answers, paper and pencil measures, as well as some computer tasks. No tests are invasive. The goal is to document the effects of brain injury, emotional stress, or other medical factors on the ability to think and live life. This information leads to recommendations to encourage recovery and coping.

Southwest Spine Center VALUES

We are deeply committed to ensuring the good health and well being of our patients.

To nurture happy & healthy & well clients & patients.

Deeply committed to ensuring excellent health and the well being of all of our patients.

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